HCG Drops come in a variety of products including the HCG Complex, HCG 1234 and HCG Triumph. They contain natural hormonal supplements which play a key role in weight loss. HCG Drops are made from synthetic variant of the natural HCG hormone produced during early pregnancy stages. By burning excess fat found in body parts such as waist, thighs and arms HCG drops utilize the excess fat as energy substitute. A 500 calorie protocol, ensures that enough fat is burned each day and therefore resulting in significant weight loss of about 1-2 Ibs each day. HCG drops such as the Complex and Triumph have been proven to be safe and cost effective way of losing weight. There are no side effects in most cases. HCG drops will provide perfect and timely results depending on the preferred product.

Benefits of using HCG Drops

They are easy to use: HCG drops involve following a diet protocol plus the prescriptions of either one of the diet drops. With HCG drops, you will not have to visit a doctor for any dosage or treatment. You only take the HCG drops by yourself orally three times in a day, unlike HCG injections where you have to inject yourself or seek assistance from a trained health professional.

Improves one’s eating habits: HCG drops reduces one’s craving for unhealthy and fatty foods hence improving the eating habits of a person. This is because of the strict diet protocol which has to be followed to the core. The diet program is essential for effective weight loss.

HCG Drops provide other health benefits : Aside from helping you lose weight, HCG drops play important roles such as improving the nervous system, nourishing the skin and improving the tone and acting as an anti-aging agent by preventing premature wrinkling.

How to choose the best HCG drop

Choosing the best HCG drops is as important as losing the excess weight that you so much look up to. It is however not direct and easy as it seems and this therefore requires an accurate assessment of the real HCG drop that will deliver desired weight loss. In the market, many of the so-called HCG drops do not actually contain the natural HCG hormone in any measurable amount making them ineffective as weight loss supplements. These drops are referred to as homeopathic. Non-homeopathic drops are the real HCG drops that guarantee and provide you with superior results which cannot be acquired by the homeopathic HCG drops. To distinguish homeopathic and non-homeopathic HCG drops, one has to keenly look at the product packaging. Homeopathic drops are fake and usually labelled with signs such as 1x, 2x, 4x and the likes. Non-homeopathic drops will always work and produce results.

HCG Complex

hcg_complexThis is arguably the best hcg diet drop product in the market. HCG Complex is made from natural ingredients which make it safe and effective as a weight loss supplement. The Complex combined with a diet protocol will surely result in great weight loss. It has numerous benefits among which include a 30 day money back guarantee. The Complex helps one lose weight by burning the excess fat through metabolism.

HCG 1234

HCG1234This diet drop product is manufactured by Creative BioScience, a US based pharmaceutical company. The initial product from Creative BioScience has been reformulated to include significant amount of the pure HCG hormone. The new natural formula has included ingredients which play significant roles in weight loss. These ingredients include Maca, Glutamine and rhodiola.

HCG Triumph

hcg-triumphThis diet drop comes in a variety of three kits each suitable for different weight loss needs. These kits are the HCG Triumph 7-day trial kit, HCG Triumph 26 and HCG Triumph 40. The triumph diet drops has many benefits which include burning of excess fats and calories, boosting energy, reducing your appetite which helps you maintain a steady diet habit. Additionally, the Triumph drops are made from natural ingredients which make it safe to use.

What is HCG diet plan?

HCG diet plan is an extreme diet programme in which one is subjected to a controlled diet involving a 500 calorie diet combined with HCG drops or injections. HCG diet is a medically approved diet which is used to burn body fats whilst maintaining muscles. Through the use of the HCG hormone and metabolism, burning of the excess fat is made possible. This hormone is found originally in women during pregnancy where it is used in the fat burning process as the fat is broken down and used to feed the baby. However, recent research has discovered the effective use of this hormone in a diet plan, where it is used to burn fat and hence reduce weight. This HCG diet plan is available for both men and women who want to reduce their weight.

The HCG diet plan consists of two main parts, which are equally important. The first part of this HCG diet plan is the HCG product that you use. This product comes in the form of HCG drops or injection. This product helps suppress hunger while working to reduce the fat found in your body.

The second part of this diet plan consists of the low calorie diet, which is commonly known as the 500 calorie diet. This 500 calorie diet in simple terms refers to just a selection of foods that you weigh out in their right amounts so that you know you’re eating the correct amounts of calories.

Phases of HCG Diet plan

The HCG diet plan consists of four main phases.

Phase 1: This phase is meant to detoxify your body before you start the weight loss diet plan. There are various ways you could use to detoxify your body e.g. candida yeast requires candida cleansing.

Phase 2: This is phase actual weight loss takes place. In this phase one starts using HCG, lasts for either twenty six or forty three days. The phase is divided into three parts namely: The loading phase, core phase and taper phase.

Phase 3: This is the stabilization phase. In this phase, your newly acquired weight is stabilized. Here, you can cease taking the HCG drops and anything east apart from sugar and starch.

Phase 4: This is referred to as the maintenance phase. Here, after a person’s weight has been stabilized he or she does not need the HCG diet drops or any other dietary restrictions. In this phase, it is just maintaining what is newly acquired.