Kevin Trudeau & Dr. Simeons Protocol Update

Kevin Trudeau’s weight loss protocol suggests colon cleansing or detoxification for 30 days before the HCG course starts. It removes the toxins, abnormal fat and microbes from the body. It also emphasizes on 500 calorie fat free diet. The protocol suggests that intake of 125 i.u. to 200 i.u. of Hcg after the cleansing process will drop your weight dramatically.

The Simeons’ Protocol is based on the idea of three phase diet, viz. loading phase, maintenance phase and the stabilization phase. In the first phase, the dieter is allowed high calorie of diet, so that he may not feel weak or break down in the later phases.

In the second phase, the dieter is given HCG dose with 500 calorie diet. The third phase is the period when the body weight tends to get stabilized. One can add the things slowly and gradually in his diet plan.

Does Dr Simeons Protocol For Weight Loss Work?

  • Dr Simeons’ HCG diet Protocol for Weight Loss has shown brilliant result in curing obesity. With 500 calorie per day diet, regular intake of HCG can help you to lose 1 pound of fat everyday. The diet course has proved to be efficient enough to help people to shed up to 20 pounds of weight.
  • HCG is a hormone that exists in the urine of the pregnant women in a noticeable amount. The process that involves the weight loss with HCG diet is a unique and effective one. When one starts taking the hormone with very low calorie diet, it affects the total hunger mechanism of the body.
  • After consuming HCG, the Hypothalamus portion of the brain gets the message that the body needs more energy. Since, the dieter is taking only limited calories, the brain instructs the body to burn the unused abnormal fats. Thus, the whole metabolism process gets reset. Once the metabolism is improved, the fats generally can’t get deposited in the fat bank. Thus, for the whole life they remain healthy and fit.

With low calorie diet, the sublingual diet drop is very affective in treating HCG. The intake method is also very easy. One has to take it under the tongue. As it is in the diluted form, it gets diluted very soon. With no side effect, the diet drop is suitable for everyone above the age of 16.