Why HCG Diet Will Not Work for You

There are many reasons for failure with HCG diet. Mindless nibbling, cheating, over enthusiasm, reluctance etc. are the main roadblocks to your weight loss session. You should prepare your mindset before employing this diet plan for losing 44 pounds within 44 days. Sincerity is the key for achieving success.

HCG diet Plan won’t work for you if you commit the below mentioned mistakes:

1. Cheating on Diet

  • It is the main reason for your failure with Hcg diet. Cheating on this HCG diet plan means you are not following the strict rule of 500 calorie diet per day. This however, is common with female dieters. They have the habit of nibbling leftovers of their children or husband. It is very important to avoid indulging into sinful foods such as sauce, olive, alcohol, junk etc.

2. The Plateau

  • Plateau is a stage when a dieter’s weight comes to a stall. This situation might stay for a week that can prevent fat loss. To break this plateau, Hcg fat loss protocol reserves an Apple Day, where users have to survive on 6 apples. This will help to regularize shedding of abnormal fat.

3. Dietary Errors

  • Hcg weight loss protocol is the brilliant combination of 125 i.u. to 200 i.u. hormone and Very Low Calorie Diet Plan(VLCD). Dietary errors such as skipping meals or overeating including intake of sugar and starch food items can delay your weight loss process.

4. Constipation

  • Constipation or digestive imbalance can be a reason for failure with HCG diet drops. It stores the toxin and other impurities which contribute to the total body weight.

5. Cosmetics

  • Cosmetics that are made with laxatives, animal adipose and petroleum jelly are also reasons for failure with your Hcg diet.

6. Over-enthusiasm

  • Most of the time over-enthusiasm of the dieters can be a reason of failure in this weight loss program.

7. Menstrual Interruption

  • Female dieters miss their daily Hcg intake during menstruation. This unwanted obstruction can also be a potent reason behind the failure.

8. Salt Consumption

  • An increased amount of salt is one of the common causes for putting up weight, even on a diet.

9. Wrong types of calories and proteins

  • Steak, American beef, pork are the voluminous sources of protein, that can make dieters gain weight. They should take these food in a very little amount during the protocol.

10. Food habits

  • Appetite reducing drugs, chewing gum, energy drinks, vitamin pills, cough syrups, coke can surprisingly add to your weight.

Does Hcg diet helps in losing weight successfully?

In order to gain maximum benefits from Hcg diet plan, dieters should avoid above mentioned mistakes. In order to burn abnormal fat banks, one should follow Hcg diet plan with utter sincerity. There are 3 major Phases in this weight loss protocol.

Dr. ATW Simeons’ Pounds and Inches is considered to be the Bible of Hcg Diet Plan. He discovered the benefits of Hcg hormone in discarding abnormal fat that can be easily transformed into energy when it is coupled with 500 calorie diet. Hcg injections are touted to be the most effective form of introducing this hormone in the body yet they can cause pain and muscle cramps. Hcg is best infused through the homeopathic sublingual drops. These drops are easy to take unlike injections and other forms of Hcg such as pills and oral sprays. Dieters can face failure because of impure Hcg.