Where Can I Get HCG Injections?

You can get Hcg injections online. The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a naturally occurring hormone that finds some important role in human body.

In pregnant women where it is produced nourishes the placenta and improves immunity. Dr. Simeons first discovered that this hormone can be taken by both obese men and women for weight loss.

Anyone above 16 years can undergo the hormonal treatment. It is available on various forms like intra-muscular injections, oral drops and pills.

According to the weight loss protocol, a user has to maintain a fat less diet for 2 to 4 weeks. He or she should restrict his appetite up to 500 calories per day.

This will increase the potent f this hormone. Salads, fruits, raw food, celery, soups, vegetable froth and various grilled chicken and steak salads can be taken as these foodstuffs have very low calorie.

Top 3 Places To Buy Hcg Injections

  • Internet is the most convenient place to buy Hcg injections. A smart browsing can help you with real information, usage and effects of this hormone. There are many websites that spread awareness and supplies Hcg muscle shots. Most sites have a medical form that has to be filled up by the user. It is nothing but a general enquiry of your health and personal details. Once determined by the doctor, you can rightly order your hcg requirement that should not be more than 200 i.u per day. A normal person can take 25 cc of this hormone through an injection on muscle or under the skin. The single shot should cost anywhere in between $2 to $12.
  • Homeopathy also has its own set up for Hcg. This comes as diluted form that should be taken under the tongue. One can take 125 to 200 i.u. of this hormone per day.
  • Many reputed pharmaceutical companies produce HCG injections. You can buy this shot over the counter from any chemist shop.
  • HCG diet drops is touted to be an effective weight loss product. You can easily procure this product from its official website.