HCG Powder Online

It was Dr Simeons who in the 1950’s researched the role of the HCG hormone as a weight loss aid. Since then the popularity of the diet & subsequent research developed more types of HCG products. Some of the popular forms of HCG products are HCG powders, pellets, drops & gels.

Formal clinical research by the Journal of the American medical association & the journal of Clinical Nutrition does not approve of the HCG as a diet aid; the FDA too does not promote HCG products as a weight loss drug & in the 70’s HCG was not sold in the USA. But the popularity of the HCG diet created the online & mail order market where consumers could order HCG products like the HCG powder online. A consumer should be aware that HCG products must be manufactured according to the FDA’s guidelines & most manufacturers now in the USA follow these rules.

Best Places To Buy HCG Powder

HCG powders are available online & over the counter at pharmacies easily & do not require a prescription. Always buy HCG products from reputed brands & from recommended sources as there are plenty of spurious products available in the market today. Different brands of HCG products only differ in the manufacturing process & packaging. The potency of the HCG powder is what is really important as using a dosage of the spurious HCG powder with the very low calorie diet is dangerous & can have severe side effects. Buying HCG powder online allows the buyer to compare various manufacturers & suppliers of HCG with their cost & effectiveness of the product.

The sites for the following brands are some of the best places to buy HCG powders & are the most popular brands; these would also be available at pharmacies.

  • Novarel
  • Ovidrel
  • HCG1234
  • GreenHCG
  • My HCG Plus
  • HCG Ultra Diet